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One plus for T5

Thu, 2008/06/05 - 19:40 by aargh

Inclement weather, equipment failure, staff riots ... any of these events can lead to extra time in an airport. Of all the places I've had to sit out a delay -- and I've had my fair share -- London's Heathrow has been the best. Not that you ever want to spend valuable time hanging out in an airport; but when you must, Heathrow hosts enough shops and food stands to keep you busy.

(I've heard that a couple of airports in Asia -- Shanghai was one of them, I think? -- beat old LHR hands-down in this regard but I've yet to book a trip to find out.)

Heathrow now has another attraction: according to this article in Gourmet Magazine the new Terminal 5 boasts some fine dining to pass the time until your plane finally gets a crew ...


"Not-So-Plain Plane Food"