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Tube's Gone Dry

Sat, 2008/06/07 - 15:24 by aargh

Given recent posts, some readers may have the mistaken impression that TravelHell is only for airplanes. (and we can't blame you -- the site's original name was "ShiteFlight," after all.) Quite the contrary. TH is for any and all forms of travel nonsense. We're just getting started.

Today's topic: public transit. Even a short ride can be hell when taken five, six, even seven times a week. The site Transport Uncovered takes a light-hearted jab at London's public transit system.

Maybe the TU gang was arrested in last week's fray, since I don't see any posts about London's new ban on boozing it up on the Tube. How else does TFL expect passengers deal with train delays, crowded cars, and ... well, other passengers? What about that jobless yob who pretends to be gainfully employed while spending all day maintaining his buzz on the Circle Line?

(Perhaps mayor Boris Johnson is going for the Theory of Broken Windows style of cleanup? It's credited with making New York squeaky-clean but leaves a void in those of us looking to get mugged in Times Square.)


website: Transport Uncovered
(Note the URL is just a smidge shy of the real Transport For London site at

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